Even when things go right they go wrong!

It seems that no matter what you do to improve your home something always goes wrong and then takes forever to fix. I actually believed that we finally got my dishwasher fixed (been down almost 1 1/2 years now) … My husband finally got the part and we had someone come to put the part in. I also got the light replaced in my stove at the same time! So ecstatic at this I loaded up the small load of dishes I had left to do, put in the soap pellet and turned it on quick with a sanitation rinse.  It went all through the wash and lo and behold … three of the dishes were still dirty. Bummer! So I started it again and realized that the water only started then stopped right away and there was no sound of the jets nor the dishes being washed!  Oh well, back to schematics and the sink to do the wash by hand.  At least this slows the scheming of husband to get me more business doing baking I don’t wish adding to my business! He seems to want to run MY business piling more stuff on me instead of doing his OWN business. Ladies, NEVER allow your man to retire or he will become your boss even if his name is NOT on YOUR business! hand washing


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