Magic ~ Good or evil.

I am not talking stage illusions, which are tricks, smoke and mirrors. I am talking REAL magic. What is magic? It is energy which is used to change circumstances. Sometimes it is used with herbs, plants and other tangible items to heal and help others. Magic is a tool in which one makes things happen. But magic is subtle and has rules. You can not and should not wake up one day and say “I am a witch and I will make someone fall in love with me.” It is neither good nor evil, but how it is used can be. A gun sitting on a table will not kill someone unless someone picks it up, points it and pulls the trigger, and only then if a bullet is in the chamber will the other person die. Magic is like that. You can kill someone using potions and spells ONLY if that is your intent and ONLY if poison or is part of the potion given. An untrained witch can cause irreparable harm as can a witch who intentionally does harm. Magic is not evil, it is the person who determines if it is good or not. You also can not use magic to force someone to love you (as if you want them to be a mindless slave!) since magic will not go against freewill. It can not make you look like something else (that is illusion or special effects) and magic will never go against natural things… So next time someone starts calling you evil, remember, evil is NOT magic and even Christians, Jews and the like can be evil if that is what their intent is.


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