It all started out at 2am when my dog decided she didn’t want me to sleep! EVERY TIME I lay down she was at the door barking. Finally at 430 (and still no sleep) I decided to stay up. She gave me a look that was almost like “Gotcha!” and promptly went to sleep on my bed! I managed to go to sleep from 7-9am and then found out I now had two orders of muffins for tomorrow. The first order (1 doz. plain bran and 1 doz. blueberry bran) was already set up. It was the other doz of carrot and pecan bran that threw me. This order I got today. THEN when I tried to answer a text from a friend about proofreading her work, all I could do as text empty messages since my fingers were working faster than my brain! <sigh> Not sure about tomorrow, but I will deliver all in the AM so I have the rest of the week sewing curtains for the office and night shirts.  Below are the finished products for the muffins. I seem to be the only one for miles around who makes bran muffins!


This is the ones for the lady who ordered today. The others are for the lady whose order I was to deliver on Tues. My dad always said that in business you either have more business than you know what to do with or no business at all. As a contractor that is how his work went… After today I concur!


Bon Appetit !





4 thoughts on “Hectic

    • Yeah, most furbabies tend to get that way. They are calming down a little better now, but sometimes… I mean Gidget is about 50 or 60 lbs while Sadie is over 100. In a small house and an even smaller kitchen it does get a bit much. Last night Sadie decided she wanted my pillows so she got up and tried to get me to move. When it didn’t work she slammed her 100+ lbs onto my feet. OUCH! At least I can get my baking done today without having to hurry. No orders, just some bread to share with two other families. 🙂

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