Yet another example of being lonely vrs being alone.

A friend of ours had a funeral for her mother and dad today. We sat in the back of the church, only seeing a few people we know to any extent aside from the friend and her husband. Neither my husband nor myself are comfortable in crowds and we tolerate fools even less. Being cold out (my husband is susceptible to pneumonia) we stayed behind for a bit in the church. After about 15 mins. we had to leave. Both of us didn’t know anyone there except by fact and not one of them has ever made an effort to get to know us. We were not lonely, just alone, despite the 20 or so people attending. It is times like this when I am  glad we don’t socialize! Funny thing is we have been in this town since 07 and there are only three or four couples who made the effort to return our offer of friendship! I wonder if they too feel the way we do and figure there is safety in the ranks of the solitary…


2 thoughts on “Yet another example of being lonely vrs being alone.

  1. I think there are more folks choosing to go the route of the lone warrior(s). Funny I read this post now because I was leaving the mall with my son and was thinking how I’m having one of those claustrophobic kind of days. Needless to say we’re headed home to the peaceful solitude of a crowd free living room. 🙂

    • I see you understand what I am getting at. I like solitude more and more. I hate crowds and malls because everyone is in a rush to go nowhere and getting ticked doing so. Have a wonderful evening!

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