Lables in Polytheism

I just read a blog that was interesting and followed some of the views I have held from my many years of researching Polytheistic beliefs. Yes, Paganism is a general term, originally meant as an insult but now embraced by many followers of the old Deities. What irks me is the fact that (like the writer stated but did not followup on) was that those who don’t understand what Pagans represent tend to lump all into one category, or add the word NEO to the beginning of a religious belief. And GODDESS FORBID that Wiccans rename themselves just to make themselves different for other Wiccans. The basic beliefs are the same just as the term Christian means follower of Christ’s teaching, one who follows ANY polytheistic belief is ether called by the title of their path, or called Pagan, Wiccan or ? … Neo basically means new. And the old was are neither new nor renewed. How you follow those paths is not what makes them NEW or NEO, you are still going to be Celtic, Norse, eclectic etc. You are still following the old ways. Another beef I have is with those who add K to the spelling of magic. They say it is to distinguish real magic from stage magic. Why not say the truth. You are being an elitist snob who thinks we don’t know the difference ILLUSION and MAGIC! That is my gripe for today. So please, quit labeling everyone and actually accept people for who and what they are. No matter WHAT they believe.


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