Word problems ~ Not talking MATH!!! (IE: RANT FOR THE DAY!)

Seem that people just don’t listen anymore. Some even think that people who talk a certain way are talking gibberish or that they are stupid!  I am one of those who have to talk until I explain my point. My brain is not wired it seems for two or three word conversations which many in business or are type A personalities can not understand. I KNOW what I am trying to say, but they either can’t or won’t wait to hear me out. Every time I tell someone what is going on they tend to NOT HEAR what I am saying and tell me I should  not start in the middle of a sentence, get to the point, I don’t know what I am talking about or I am down right stupid. Now that is all well and good, but they seem to be wired so they refuse to hear my point or what I am saying, and when I am not talking to them I am chewed out for that as well!  They don’t want to hear that I took steps not what they were. I am too stupid to do that! I am getting tired of this and REALLY wish people would (in this age of abbreviated text messaging) slow down an listen/HEAR what I am trying to say instead of jumping down my throat because my way of talking is slightly different then theirs!


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