A touch of creative…

Up in Bismarck there is a place called the Bread Poet. They have great breads, some of which are specialty breads, others are regular yet homemade. Well, last week my husband missed the chance to grab a Jewish bread called Challah. It is a braided bread with an egg wash. I decided since today we could not leave the house due to the snow storm (AGAIN!) I wanted to bake something. Since I am out of Plain Greek yogurt (an essential for my bran muffins) and the store was also closed today I decided to try a recipe I found on the web.  Now I am no where near perfect when it comes to cutting dough into six equal parts, but the results were not bad! (Even if one loaf is bigger than the other!)

Fresh from the oven!

Fresh from the oven!

The creative bug …

It is  a hit and miss proposition. The creative bug seems to come and go as it pleases leaving in its wake a desire to do … something … anything! The problem is that there is a short circuit somewhere between the  brain and the body. I mean I REALLY want to be creative. I see what I want to do in my mind’s eye, but for some reason I can’t finish the connection and actually do it! There are so many ideas flying about my brain. I see what I want to do, but I am not sure if I lack the ability or the actual thing which makes what I think about as reality! I try to put what I see in my mind either in words, on paper or just make it, yet something is wrong and I don’t complete what I want because it doesn’t seem to want to turn out the way I want it to! YIKES!

Bummer of a day

I guess today I am feeling sorry for myself. I have been sick off and on for a couple of weeks now (not normal for me) and am getting no help or sympathy from the other half. I know he doesn’t tolerate illness in others and this is no acceptation.  A friend on Y/A posted that for the past 4 years since her husband had bypass surgery he had become selfish and hateful. Mine on the other hand seemed to go the opposite direction, except when it came to being around sick people. He expects me to cook, clean and take care of him when I get sick and makes it a point to point out all the flaws during this time. So I sit here with a sore throat, cough, chills and feeling weak while he demands “service.” It wouldn’t be so bad if it still wasn’t snowing … So this is my pity-party for one. Sorry about the rant but I had to post something.

passwords … why do we need them

My husband and I have a hard time recalling passwords and codes. We need to write them down to remember them. It use to be that all you needed for a password was three numbers or letters and you could use that same password for everything. Now you have to keep adding things to them and they are not allowed on any other site! For the elderly and people like us who just use emails to keep in touch with relatives why do people have to MAKE us constantly change our passwords!?!? The biggest problem is the fact that we can’t contact the sites to complain and those we can totally ignore our complaints. Soon I may just drop the emails and internet all together. The only problem is that the internet is free where mailing letters (a dying art) is not.

Here is something to think on… since when did greed become such a problem that we have to use ridiculously long passwords to protect ourselves from hackers when for many of us don’t have anything to steal?

Why war?

It is sad that most men (I said most, not all) seem to think the only solution to problems is war. I think part of that problem goes way back to when started becoming jealous of the fact women could organize, think and run communities better then they did.  In history before large civilizations came about, women and female Deities were thought of as special because they could carry and create life. They worked alongside men and actually helped create thriving communities. Men became upset because they felt that THEY should be the ones adored and to rule over everyone so in history the male deities began to take over and high priests started shoving the female deities into the shadows. Later men decided that only ONE MALE GOD was appropriate and women were to be subservient to men. Women became property and lost their individuality and high status. Wars became more and more abundant.  It is no different today. Women are shoved aside and basically told that GOD demands them to be barefoot-broke-and-pregnant. They are not allowed to work construction nor do hard labor, and heaven forbid they decide to take a MAN’S job in politics! There are people who say who will side with the US in the upcoming war. The US will be destroyed in the upcoming war. And so forth. I would say if men want war, put them all on an island together to fight and leave the women to running the world. I am sure we can find ways to be a peace and prosper. Think about it.

Even when things go right they go wrong!

It seems that no matter what you do to improve your home something always goes wrong and then takes forever to fix. I actually believed that we finally got my dishwasher fixed (been down almost 1 1/2 years now) … My husband finally got the part and we had someone come to put the part in. I also got the light replaced in my stove at the same time! So ecstatic at this I loaded up the small load of dishes I had left to do, put in the soap pellet and turned it on quick with a sanitation rinse.  It went all through the wash and lo and behold … three of the dishes were still dirty. Bummer! So I started it again and realized that the water only started then stopped right away and there was no sound of the jets nor the dishes being washed!  Oh well, back to schematics and the sink to do the wash by hand.  At least this slows the scheming of husband to get me more business doing baking I don’t wish adding to my business! He seems to want to run MY business piling more stuff on me instead of doing his OWN business. Ladies, NEVER allow your man to retire or he will become your boss even if his name is NOT on YOUR business! hand washing

Magic ~ Good or evil.

I am not talking stage illusions, which are tricks, smoke and mirrors. I am talking REAL magic. What is magic? It is energy which is used to change circumstances. Sometimes it is used with herbs, plants and other tangible items to heal and help others. Magic is a tool in which one makes things happen. But magic is subtle and has rules. You can not and should not wake up one day and say “I am a witch and I will make someone fall in love with me.” It is neither good nor evil, but how it is used can be. A gun sitting on a table will not kill someone unless someone picks it up, points it and pulls the trigger, and only then if a bullet is in the chamber will the other person die. Magic is like that. You can kill someone using potions and spells ONLY if that is your intent and ONLY if poison or is part of the potion given. An untrained witch can cause irreparable harm as can a witch who intentionally does harm. Magic is not evil, it is the person who determines if it is good or not. You also can not use magic to force someone to love you (as if you want them to be a mindless slave!) since magic will not go against freewill. It can not make you look like something else (that is illusion or special effects) and magic will never go against natural things… So next time someone starts calling you evil, remember, evil is NOT magic and even Christians, Jews and the like can be evil if that is what their intent is.


It all started out at 2am when my dog decided she didn’t want me to sleep! EVERY TIME I lay down she was at the door barking. Finally at 430 (and still no sleep) I decided to stay up. She gave me a look that was almost like “Gotcha!” and promptly went to sleep on my bed! I managed to go to sleep from 7-9am and then found out I now had two orders of muffins for tomorrow. The first order (1 doz. plain bran and 1 doz. blueberry bran) was already set up. It was the other doz of carrot and pecan bran that threw me. This order I got today. THEN when I tried to answer a text from a friend about proofreading her work, all I could do as text empty messages since my fingers were working faster than my brain! <sigh> Not sure about tomorrow, but I will deliver all in the AM so I have the rest of the week sewing curtains for the office and night shirts.  Below are the finished products for the muffins. I seem to be the only one for miles around who makes bran muffins!


This is the ones for the lady who ordered today. The others are for the lady whose order I was to deliver on Tues. My dad always said that in business you either have more business than you know what to do with or no business at all. As a contractor that is how his work went… After today I concur!


Bon Appetit !




And they are on their way!


These are the end results of the two cheese cakes which are on their way to their destinations.  The lady (who is holding one of the cheesecakes) gets one for transporting the other to JT. A yearly tradition which makes everyone happy. I usually sell these for around $35, but prices are making it almost impossible to make a profit! All the regs any more it raises the costs of the ingredients have doubled! I will do this on request, but it is more of a local thing since it doesn’t travel well either in the mail nor long distances. This is just one of the things I love to do!


Annual Cheesecake day!

It is that time of year again.  The local farm and home show is tomorrow and it is time to bake the Cheese cake for the radio host of JT Live from Spearfish. This has become an annual tradition since 2008 when he first tried my cheese cake and said (teasingly) he would love it once a year. I told him I would and he didn’t believe me. Six years later I am still making and delivering my cheesecake, made from scratch and baked then topped with a ton of strawberries. I will post pix of the finished products tomorrow. The tradition gets my baking known to the public even though I never asked for that. Some people are really kind that way!