Birthdays …

I was just thinking about Birthdays. My mom’s is tomorrow as is my step daughter’s and it was also my father-in-law’s birthday (even though he passed many years ago). It got me wondering about them. I mean you have the day you were born celebrated by friends, relatives and anyone else who cares to join in. Most have cake and gifts while others prefer to just eat, drink and be merry. Personally I prefer to forget mine, but  that is impossible anymore with the Facebook accounts, twitter, etc.  Then there are those born on leap year who only get to celebrate once every four (?) years. I have a friend who falls in this category.  Most of the time Society, Religion (yap it popped it’s ugly head up again) and family dictate how you choose to follow this tradition of celebration. For me, I get a live/cut tree on the weekend of my birthday. It is all I want, and most of my friends and family are not where I now live so celebrations are (thankfully) cut down to the bare minimum. If I were to classify how I would LIKE to celebrate the day, I would say this. wine, chocolate coated strawberries, family with me and just enjoying the day. I will make a “lava cake” or rather 6 of them for tomorrow because mom said she wanted to try it. I am hoping she will join us in the afternoon for dinner and cake, and celebrate that way since she also likes to forget the birthday fills, bells and whistles! I wish all who may be celebrating their birthdays a happy one no matter how you celebrate!


2 thoughts on “Birthdays …

  1. Hope the birthday is fun:) Birthdays are your day and you can do what you will;0) Thanks for following me:) Happy Spring

  2. My mom had a cousin born two days after her, and the cousin only got to celebrate every four years. (I mean on the actual day.)

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