Individuality of women

Looking at Society in general and Religions in fact, I have found that many monotheistic groups seem to be stuck in a downward spiral when it comes to their followers. Many (not all) seem to hold women to be nothing more than “help-mates” who must hide under garment which cover up their identities. Groups like Muslims, (Arabian groups fall under this category as well) Amish, Mennonites, Baptists, Mormons (the Baptists and Mormons are more to the length of the dress under the term MODESTY) etc. seem to want their women to be dressed in one way… dark colors (on maybe even two colors). Their heads covered. Loose fitting clothing (IE no defining shape) and below the knee (preferably to the floor or near it) and high collars, long sleeved clothing. Some groups go as far as having the women hide their faces as well. Now I am not saying that some of this isn’t a good idea, I mean I am not a fan of young (or older) girls (women) wearing clothes that are almost too short or see through. I happen to love long skirts, and hats too. But to actually be forced to loose your identities outside of the home makes women prisoners or even slaves! The idea of individuality is to have your own identity and personality. To be forced to wear Burkas, vials which hide your face, same colored/styled garments as the other women in your community etc. is the same as loosing that identity. I don’t condone going over board, but I do encourage women to try and use their clothes as a right to individuality rather than for the sake of “society” or “religion.”


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