Silent though I speak

Why do people have a tendency to think the know what you are and if you are lying or not? And when you speak the constantly tell you to “shut up” either because they believe you have nothing relevant to say, that you are not putting them in the lime-lite, that they are taking away their “PERSONAL” friends (even when said friends ask you to speak), or you are trying to pick a fight, are pouting or are not listening. Heaven forbid you stand up for yourself with facts which they do not see! I am tired of people like this. You have to tip-toe around them waiting for the time they again blow up then follow you around constantly repeating OVER AND OVER AND OVER that you are at fault and they are the only ones in the right and telling the truth. Then when you come to them with a problem or concerns they blow you off like it doesn’t matter. Really?  I think I would go out in the woods and scream if this continues on like it is.  It is enough to want to pull out all your hair!


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