More serious crap!

This world is going to heck in a hand-basket…  At least that is what you see when ever you turn on the news or read an article.  The Koreans are sending missiles to the US hidden under sugar (or was it flour) sacks, Muslims are a threat both in and out of the US, There is a satellite which you can not see because the sun hides it… Come on people! These threats are all over. We have had threats since we first landed in the “New World” from England, then the French, the Germans and more. Right now mom is getting hyper about the “grid” being destroyed and wanting to stock up on freeze dried foods… Those who say it is the end of the world, seem to ignore the fact that if it WERE the END OF THE WORLD then those stockpiles of food water and shelter will never help because the WORLD will have ended!  What good are supplies when there is no world to hide them on? It will be ALL GONE! Right now the prices of food are rising so much that soon, unless people start becoming self reliant then there will be a run on food and riots! My point? We should quit complaining and do something. Have a strange and wonderful day!


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