The “accidental” death of business

I would like to write a type of eulogy (which seems to be appropriate in small towns lately) for a dying business. The place supplied the nick-knacks which people need in their day to day life such as batteries, ink, pens, paper, notions, gardening  supplies, material, everyday necessities in general.  One day the owner put it up for sale and said he would close the business the following year IF no one bought it. Granted, he thought he kept that to himself, but people as they are, and since they had nothing else to do, they spread this information. Like cancer the rumors spread until only a handful of people would frequent the shop. After three months of this the man quit stalking the shelves, most of which now stood empty. All that was left in the “back room” was being drug out to show some life was still in the store, but sadly it was getting less and less. Those who had hoped for a huge final sale would be disappointed with what was left and the man would never get a buyer nor the money he wanted for it since the store was now on life support. The store will die off quietly with nobody trying to help. Another empty building testifying to the larger death of the town itself.

With all the laws and government regulations this is becoming the way of family owned stores. They can not compete with the big chains and let slip they have to sell or close. What they end up doing is killing themselves by saying this MAY happen. Soon, they can not compete, especially when rumors run rampant. And soon die out.

Another example of this happened in the 90’s.  People tend to forget that it is possible. It seems that this also happened to a one time big named computer business who let it leak they were working on a smaller, faster and better computer. The problem with letting it leak out people quit buying their product in expectation of the new item. No sales meant they had no money to reinvest and soon went bankrupt, and the product never left the prototype stage.

So people, remember this if and when you have a small business. Heine sight is 20/20 but the future, if you ignore the past, can never truly be seen. Yet when you ignore history you also tend to repeat the tragic events. Think on this before you start something, ANYTHING in you life.



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