Sewing memories

I am titling this due to the fact that sewing is not only a hobby, but it is a memory in the making. I found that sewing keeps one calm, and helps me recall what was happening when I started and ended the project. When my son was younger and my husband a ball of unwanted fire, I would take up needle and thread … yes, I sewed many of the projects by hand … and put together Irish costumes from the 14 to 1500’s. It would take me a week on the skirts since I had not only the sides, but the waist and hem to do. The over dress took me about three days as did the long leine (shirt). It was like being back in those days with no machinery. I enjoyed these projects because when either of my “Boys” got on my nerves, I counted on tearing out the seams constantly and resewing them. GREAT THERAPY! Mostly I sew costumes which I wear to Ren faires and SCA meets. I also started making men’s nightshirts, ladies nightgowns and other items.

I love it when my family tells me how warm or comfortable the clothes fit and I love that they wear them. I think sewing clothes is like sewing memories because it is the look on their faces which brings me pleasure and knowing that they are wearing them adds to my memories which I have built over the years.example one Irish dress leine leine 2

Alteryears is the best for this outfit. They use paper patterns, not that flimsy crap from Simplicity, McCall’s and the like.



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