The new is the old

With the rise of prices from food to clothes and more, we must look to taking on more. For example,  instead of buying our vegetables and fruits at such high prices we should start gardens. Instead of buying “designer” clothes, make our own. Decorate with our talents instead of buying things to do so.  I took two patterns for night gowns and designed one I liked. It is warmer than what I have purchased in the past. Instead of paying 5.00 and up for two heads of broccoli I plant it and gain many meals for less and it is always fresh unlike what I get in the store which dies within a day or two. I have made very simple curtains and painted pictures decorating the frames with things I collected from nature. Picking wild flowers doesn’t cost 9.00 a dozen and is just a pretty! I make my own bread, muffins and pastries which in the long run cost more and taste better than what I see in the store. If you know of people who have chickens, offer to buy some of their excess, or trade by using them in baked goods that you can share with them. Barter (another old concept) is another thing you should think about. If you have a skill and someone has something you need, offer to do work in exchange for the object(s). We bartered some jewelry for a sale boat! That was fun taking it down the coast from LA to San Diego. Took us all night, but it was worth it! Many of these concepts are old and yet they are new to those who never have experienced it. Remember this… Everything old WILL become new again!


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