Love (In honor of Valentines Day)

What I am talking about is not the physical love, nor the short term lust which fuels the one day to 2 year marriages of the rich and famous. I am talking about real love. The unconditional kind which fairy-tales are made of. Love is when you are willing to overlook the shortcomings of others and go the extra mile for them. It is the give and take which most couples don’t want to be bothered with. Love is sticking by your family/spouse/children despite the disappointments, sorry and hatred which can spring up out of misunderstandings, mis-spoken words, rash actions which threaten to tear you apart. This is what true love is. Working side by side, supporting each others decisions no matter how crazy they seem or how others tell you not to. I found that love and continue to cultivate it within my family. It is my legacy and my burden, but most of all it is my joy since people are finally understanding what Love really is.


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