Snow again… Yikes!

Today it got to around 40 above, though it was flurrying, THEN, of all things it started (around 6PM Mt. Time) to snow… SNOW? It was (er…)  is a blizzard! Still coming down and already has dumped another 3-4″ of the white stuff. Personally, it doesn’t bother me since I have nowhere to go tomorrow, and have sewing to complete.  I just hope my son and his friends don’t travel tomorrow. I mean I know that she has an appointment in ND at the hospital to check on her jaw (was VERY infected and had to spend over a month there before they could extract the reason for the infection… bad teeth). They only have a very small car. I just hope they won’t go until the streets are clear and the snow  stops falling!

6 more weeks of winter? No prob as long as those I care about actually use their heads and don’t pull such stupid stunts.



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