I am going through a time when I need to change something. Either mentally, physically or what I do. When I get this way and can not change my outward appearance, I get restless and frustrated until I find something which will bring about a change, either mental, physical or what have you. Currently I am still in a place where I can not wear the gutsy styles of clothes I happen to like, and my hair is too short to change styles every few days. I did change my hair color from silver white to a reddish brown. And that was done only because some older lady asked if I wanted a credit card which gave discounts to those over the age of 65! Honey, I have over 10 years before I am anywhere near that age and I would still feel insulted of someone asked!  To date, I have been sketching wardrobe ideas which I like yet currently can not wear since most of those clothes are made for twiggy style Asians! But, as I said, until I find some style which suits my unconventional sense of style and image I will continue to be frustrated and antsy. And I will continue to have bad days whenever this mood strikes me!


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