Energy focus cast a spell

I see people who say magic doesn’t exist. They are the ones who either wanted to do magic as seen in movies and on TV, the ones who are taught that magic is evil. Those people who were wanna-be teens who were looking to control people with magic.

Here is what magic really is.

  1. Magic is subtle. So much so that people call it coincidence when it actually works.
  2. You need to know exactly what it is you want before even thinking about casting a spell.
  3. Tools are used to focus and when you become adept at magic and spell casting you will no longer need them.
  4. You need to learn before you start casting spell and making potions. Reason being? You can hurt others and even yourself if you don’t know what you are doing.
  5. Witchcraft is not a religion nor does it need religion, demons/Satan, nor Deities/GOD to cast spells. It is a craft and relies on skills, energy, herbs, minerals (etc.) to do the work.
  6. Magic is not black nor white,  good nor evil it is a tool. The colors are used not for if it is good or evil, but when to cast the spells or what you use when you are working on them. White (spells used from the new to full moon ~ waxing), Black (spells used from the full moon to new moon ~ waning) Green (herbal spells or spells using plants) Brown (earth spells using minerals, gemstones, crystals and the like) etc.
  7. Magic has rules and can not be used to control people. If you misuse it like this it will either NOT WORK, or BACKFIRE!

As you can see there is more to magic and it needs to be learned BEFORE you can call yourself a witch and/or cast spells.  I hope this helps those understand what magic is and isn’t.




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