Winter blahs…

I don’t mind snow. It is crisp, fun to play in, and just beautiful.  It is when the sun is constantly hidden and the temps fall in the double digit negatives when I get to feeling down. It is too cold to venture outside if you don’t have the proper garments so you can’t work outside. When you can’t go outside then you start feeling trapped, when you start feeling trapped… Oh crap! I sound like that stupid commercial! Anyway, you get the idea. When I am alone, I can work on sewing, crafting and even watch some of my movies, but when I am not alone, and can’t find a space to call my own, the house seems like a tiny prison, and you start feeling claustrophobic IE: Cabin Fever has just struck! Anyway this has been going on a lot this winter. Sometimes it doesn’t feel as bad, but then again these last few years I have had a restless feeling that I need to get out and work on something. Problem is when I feel like that and start a project, it usually ends up being highjacked and is no longer mine. Where do people get off telling you where you can and can not work? At 55 I can ride horses, I am good with working with cattle (though I do admit a fear of the huge equipment), and I now know how to tear off a roof and how to put on shingles! I think at my age I can do anything I want. I may not be young nor stupid which puts me on the cautious side and a bit slow until I get use to the job, but I will work hard and learn! Hope this makes sense. With no TV it seems to be the next best thing.


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