It’s all fun and games until…

I have noticed that people get too uptight about things. The term PC or Politically Correct, seems to be part of the problem, as are those who advocate this attitude. Kids play, they get hurt, they bounce back…. People say we must protect them, no recess, no foot ball, no bikes, no dodge ball. Competition is now frowned upon by these idiots and failure is being rewarded, not success. This cripples the child emotionally because he/she never learns to work with others not has the want to strive to make themselves better. Someone has to loose and if they cry they will remember that they need to work for that award. We use to be able to hold hands and give hugs and kisses which are really innocent. Adults are the ones who make it dirty and destroy that innocence. When a boy tried to kiss me (I was in kindergarten) I shoved at him and he fell into the sand box. If it happens now the kindergartener is suspended and it is put in the files he is a pervert and the girl is classified as a bully.  Punishing a child is now against the law and neither parents nor teachers are allowed to slap the kid on the bottom with out being put in jail for child abuse. There is a difference between swatting a kid and beating him/her to a pulp. Taking something away doesn’t work for most kids. They have so much because of over indulging PC parents that it doesn’t mean anything! At this rate we are getting bored, fat, lazy, spoiled kids who think (when they grow up) they are entitled to big paychecks that they don’t work for. Raising min. wage doesn’t help either. Min. wage is for those who are starting out. As they prove themselves and get more experience they are suppose to get the wages raised. No wonder this US is slipping in status!


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