What gives you the right … !!!

I have a friend who is collecting signatures to run for City council. Her first day she did very well and got a wonderful reception. I mean she has been in this community since HS and has her own business. Then I just found out several people are accusing her of trying to take food out of someone’s mouth (who supposedly wasn’t running this year but changed his mind PLUS is the president of one of the banks who makes more than she does right now!), and that his was the only seat open even though another seat had been vacated so she had no right to run at all.

This is the United States of America. A republic nation with a Democracy system which allows people who are eligible (under certain laws) to run for offices. The President is the only which states the candidate must be a NATURAL BORN citizen of the US and be able to prove it! Only in communist countries do you have to be appointed into the position. When will people realize that they can NOT force others to do, say or act as they want them too. We all have free will and if it isn’t against the laws of MAN, DEITIES or the Christian GOD then we can do as we think is right.Voting boxPlease VOTE!


An update. My friend is actually on the ballot! Kudos to her tenacity!


Birthdays …

I was just thinking about Birthdays. My mom’s is tomorrow as is my step daughter’s and it was also my father-in-law’s birthday (even though he passed many years ago). It got me wondering about them. I mean you have the day you were born celebrated by friends, relatives and anyone else who cares to join in. Most have cake and gifts while others prefer to just eat, drink and be merry. Personally I prefer to forget mine, but  that is impossible anymore with the Facebook accounts, twitter, etc.  Then there are those born on leap year who only get to celebrate once every four (?) years. I have a friend who falls in this category.  Most of the time Society, Religion (yap it popped it’s ugly head up again) and family dictate how you choose to follow this tradition of celebration. For me, I get a live/cut tree on the weekend of my birthday. It is all I want, and most of my friends and family are not where I now live so celebrations are (thankfully) cut down to the bare minimum. If I were to classify how I would LIKE to celebrate the day, I would say this. wine, chocolate coated strawberries, family with me and just enjoying the day. I will make a “lava cake” or rather 6 of them for tomorrow because mom said she wanted to try it. I am hoping she will join us in the afternoon for dinner and cake, and celebrate that way since she also likes to forget the birthday fills, bells and whistles! I wish all who may be celebrating their birthdays a happy one no matter how you celebrate!

Refresh, redo, re….

Spring. The flowers are suppose to bloom, the trees are suppose to have regrowth and those who have been stuck indoors all winter due to weather in the genitive double digits are chomping at the bit to get out of doors and tear up old gardens to make new ones. My household is the same. I have been pouring over seed catalogs, checking out places like Better Homes and Gardens and DIY network (when I go to mom’s ~ I don’t have TV), the internet and other sources  for ideas to spruce up my garden area.  We have a three page list (which is growing in leaps and bounds) for our 3 month spring/summer projects. <sigh> The trouble with wanting to live in snow country is you don’t get long warm months to complete it all! Well, it gives us something to look forward to during the next snowy season!

Smile, it doesn’t hurt and makes people wonder what you are up to!

Individuality of women

Looking at Society in general and Religions in fact, I have found that many monotheistic groups seem to be stuck in a downward spiral when it comes to their followers. Many (not all) seem to hold women to be nothing more than “help-mates” who must hide under garment which cover up their identities. Groups like Muslims, (Arabian groups fall under this category as well) Amish, Mennonites, Baptists, Mormons (the Baptists and Mormons are more to the length of the dress under the term MODESTY) etc. seem to want their women to be dressed in one way… dark colors (on maybe even two colors). Their heads covered. Loose fitting clothing (IE no defining shape) and below the knee (preferably to the floor or near it) and high collars, long sleeved clothing. Some groups go as far as having the women hide their faces as well. Now I am not saying that some of this isn’t a good idea, I mean I am not a fan of young (or older) girls (women) wearing clothes that are almost too short or see through. I happen to love long skirts, and hats too. But to actually be forced to loose your identities outside of the home makes women prisoners or even slaves! The idea of individuality is to have your own identity and personality. To be forced to wear Burkas, vials which hide your face, same colored/styled garments as the other women in your community etc. is the same as loosing that identity. I don’t condone going over board, but I do encourage women to try and use their clothes as a right to individuality rather than for the sake of “society” or “religion.”

Silent though I speak

Why do people have a tendency to think the know what you are and if you are lying or not? And when you speak the constantly tell you to “shut up” either because they believe you have nothing relevant to say, that you are not putting them in the lime-lite, that they are taking away their “PERSONAL” friends (even when said friends ask you to speak), or you are trying to pick a fight, are pouting or are not listening. Heaven forbid you stand up for yourself with facts which they do not see! I am tired of people like this. You have to tip-toe around them waiting for the time they again blow up then follow you around constantly repeating OVER AND OVER AND OVER that you are at fault and they are the only ones in the right and telling the truth. Then when you come to them with a problem or concerns they blow you off like it doesn’t matter. Really?  I think I would go out in the woods and scream if this continues on like it is.  It is enough to want to pull out all your hair!

More serious crap!

This world is going to heck in a hand-basket…  At least that is what you see when ever you turn on the news or read an article.  The Koreans are sending missiles to the US hidden under sugar (or was it flour) sacks, Muslims are a threat both in and out of the US, There is a satellite which you can not see because the sun hides it… Come on people! These threats are all over. We have had threats since we first landed in the “New World” from England, then the French, the Germans and more. Right now mom is getting hyper about the “grid” being destroyed and wanting to stock up on freeze dried foods… Those who say it is the end of the world, seem to ignore the fact that if it WERE the END OF THE WORLD then those stockpiles of food water and shelter will never help because the WORLD will have ended!  What good are supplies when there is no world to hide them on? It will be ALL GONE! Right now the prices of food are rising so much that soon, unless people start becoming self reliant then there will be a run on food and riots! My point? We should quit complaining and do something. Have a strange and wonderful day!

The “accidental” death of business

I would like to write a type of eulogy (which seems to be appropriate in small towns lately) for a dying business. The place supplied the nick-knacks which people need in their day to day life such as batteries, ink, pens, paper, notions, gardening  supplies, material, everyday necessities in general.  One day the owner put it up for sale and said he would close the business the following year IF no one bought it. Granted, he thought he kept that to himself, but people as they are, and since they had nothing else to do, they spread this information. Like cancer the rumors spread until only a handful of people would frequent the shop. After three months of this the man quit stalking the shelves, most of which now stood empty. All that was left in the “back room” was being drug out to show some life was still in the store, but sadly it was getting less and less. Those who had hoped for a huge final sale would be disappointed with what was left and the man would never get a buyer nor the money he wanted for it since the store was now on life support. The store will die off quietly with nobody trying to help. Another empty building testifying to the larger death of the town itself.

With all the laws and government regulations this is becoming the way of family owned stores. They can not compete with the big chains and let slip they have to sell or close. What they end up doing is killing themselves by saying this MAY happen. Soon, they can not compete, especially when rumors run rampant. And soon die out.

Another example of this happened in the 90’s.  People tend to forget that it is possible. It seems that this also happened to a one time big named computer business who let it leak they were working on a smaller, faster and better computer. The problem with letting it leak out people quit buying their product in expectation of the new item. No sales meant they had no money to reinvest and soon went bankrupt, and the product never left the prototype stage.

So people, remember this if and when you have a small business. Heine sight is 20/20 but the future, if you ignore the past, can never truly be seen. Yet when you ignore history you also tend to repeat the tragic events. Think on this before you start something, ANYTHING in you life.


Sewing memories

I am titling this due to the fact that sewing is not only a hobby, but it is a memory in the making. I found that sewing keeps one calm, and helps me recall what was happening when I started and ended the project. When my son was younger and my husband a ball of unwanted fire, I would take up needle and thread … yes, I sewed many of the projects by hand … and put together Irish costumes from the 14 to 1500’s. It would take me a week on the skirts since I had not only the sides, but the waist and hem to do. The over dress took me about three days as did the long leine (shirt). It was like being back in those days with no machinery. I enjoyed these projects because when either of my “Boys” got on my nerves, I counted on tearing out the seams constantly and resewing them. GREAT THERAPY! Mostly I sew costumes which I wear to Ren faires and SCA meets. I also started making men’s nightshirts, ladies nightgowns and other items.

I love it when my family tells me how warm or comfortable the clothes fit and I love that they wear them. I think sewing clothes is like sewing memories because it is the look on their faces which brings me pleasure and knowing that they are wearing them adds to my memories which I have built over the years.example one Irish dress leine leine 2

Alteryears is the best for this outfit. They use paper patterns, not that flimsy crap from Simplicity, McCall’s and the like.


The new is the old

With the rise of prices from food to clothes and more, we must look to taking on more. For example,  instead of buying our vegetables and fruits at such high prices we should start gardens. Instead of buying “designer” clothes, make our own. Decorate with our talents instead of buying things to do so.  I took two patterns for night gowns and designed one I liked. It is warmer than what I have purchased in the past. Instead of paying 5.00 and up for two heads of broccoli I plant it and gain many meals for less and it is always fresh unlike what I get in the store which dies within a day or two. I have made very simple curtains and painted pictures decorating the frames with things I collected from nature. Picking wild flowers doesn’t cost 9.00 a dozen and is just a pretty! I make my own bread, muffins and pastries which in the long run cost more and taste better than what I see in the store. If you know of people who have chickens, offer to buy some of their excess, or trade by using them in baked goods that you can share with them. Barter (another old concept) is another thing you should think about. If you have a skill and someone has something you need, offer to do work in exchange for the object(s). We bartered some jewelry for a sale boat! That was fun taking it down the coast from LA to San Diego. Took us all night, but it was worth it! Many of these concepts are old and yet they are new to those who never have experienced it. Remember this… Everything old WILL become new again!

Love (In honor of Valentines Day)

What I am talking about is not the physical love, nor the short term lust which fuels the one day to 2 year marriages of the rich and famous. I am talking about real love. The unconditional kind which fairy-tales are made of. Love is when you are willing to overlook the shortcomings of others and go the extra mile for them. It is the give and take which most couples don’t want to be bothered with. Love is sticking by your family/spouse/children despite the disappointments, sorry and hatred which can spring up out of misunderstandings, mis-spoken words, rash actions which threaten to tear you apart. This is what true love is. Working side by side, supporting each others decisions no matter how crazy they seem or how others tell you not to. I found that love and continue to cultivate it within my family. It is my legacy and my burden, but most of all it is my joy since people are finally understanding what Love really is.