When did America become a communist country?

America (The USA) was set up as a republic. We have the bill of rights, the constitution, rules for who can and can not be our president and a Senate and Congress to keep the president in line. Last night’s speech had our president sounding like a dictator in a communist/socialist country. “Sharing the wealth” is a socialist concept which Stalin advocated. Bypassing the Congress and Senate is what dictators do. Raising the minumum wage for GOVERNMENT employees when regulations (passed by the president) has shut down any hopes for people to start them and ignoring the people is NOT in the president’s job description. The PEOPLE are responsible for businesses and NOT the president!

We are bing put into the position of the American Indians in the late 1800’s. We are being told we can not take care of ourselves nor our own businesses. That we HAVE TO do as the government says and take what they give us to “SURVIVE”! This country was NOT built on that idea but the idea that people didn’t need to be treated like serfs nor slaves. That we have the RIGHT to CHOOSE the path we want. If this President has his way we will ALL end up in welfare lines drinking ourselves into stupors because we can not fend for ourselves. THIS is what happened to the American Indians. Thankfully they are trying to correct this, but too many liberals (the moral MINORITY) are trying to put us all into that situation!


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